An Introduction to the annals of the Tsar of Russia

An Introduction to the annals of the Tsar of Russia

The Tsar of Russia was a posture that required leadership expertise, good decision-making capacity and an aptitude for effort. Although Nicholas II possessed some skills that might be advantages to this location overall he was not suitable to end up being the Tsar of Russia.

Nicholas II ascended the throne on 11th of October 1894, following the death of his daddy Alexander III he was the previous of the Romanov Tsars a dynasty that reigned for over 300 years before it found a violent end with the 1917 revolution. Nicholas certainly was wonderful and fluent in many languages. Nevertheless he lacked intelligence, great decision making abilities and was mentally poor and his eventual overthrow was the inevitable result of each one of these factors.

Nicholas did have some skills that could have been beneficial to rule Russia. He was charismatic and he was fluent in English, French and German. He was also very spiritual. Knowing many languages could have been advantageous since it will help in meeting overseas Heads of State and diplomats. We realize that he had understanding of other languages by

Although Nicholass English, French and German had been excellent (SOURCE 11B)

Religion was important to the near future if the Russian throne. Nicholas II was an extremely religious man.

Nicholas was an extremely charming and incredibly charismatic. Not many persons could bear a grudge against him. This is useful as a Tsar as you will need to interact with many persons and talk


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