An Analysis of Main Individuals in Misery by Stephen King

An Analysis of Key People in Misery by Stephen King


A Summary

Paul Sheldon is a best-offering novelist who features finally met his major fan. Her name is usually Annie Wilkes and she actually is a lot more than an enthused reader, she actually is Paul’s nurse, tending his battered and broke human body after an automobile accident. But she actually is as well his captor, keeping him prisoner in her isolated residence. Annie wants Paul to create his greatest work, just for her. She's many methods to motivate him. One can be a stash of illegal products she addicted him to. Another can be an ax. And if indeed they don’t work she will get really nasty. Paul does not have any method of escape, and he does know this because he’s attempted. That knowledge left him with one fewer foot. With Misery’s Return drawing to a finish, Annie’s depression having worse, and the authorities poking around her residence, Paul knows his period is bound. His only possibility is to fake burning the e book he has designed for Annie, and destroy her in her hysteria. It works, type of. Annie’s body is under no circumstances found. Paul escapes, but he finds his globe ruined. He's still dependent on Novril and he's barely in a position to walk, but alternatively, Misery’s Go back has sold over ten million copies.


Manic depression is thought as a disturbance of a person’s mood seen as a alternating intervals of depression and mania, and in Annie Wilkes’s case, this can be an understatement. She actually is first introduced in the history as Paul’s caring, nurturing,


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