A Comparison Between your Ideals of a Relativist and an Absolutist

A Comparison Between your Ideals of a Relativist and an Absolutist

Moral Relativism

From the beginning of contemporary society, governments have instituted laws and regulations to cease anarchy. The Code of Hammurabi, The Magna Carta, THE UNITED STATES Constitution, all share the importance of setting requirements of law for several people. Generally in most countries, the laws and regulations are substantially different from the next. Virtually all countries show in the laws occur stone: laws against murder, stealing, and rape. Most persons would concur that all countries should have laws and regulations against these heinous crimes, but others would argue that there is absolutely no law, or moral common that applies to all people.

The first group of folks are known as Moral Absolutists. This band of people believe there are regulations and moral expectations that apply to all people. That irrespective of where one is from, it really is imbedded in her or his heart never to harm another


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